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Ahmed Abu Harira is a Compliance Officer at Qatar National Bank Sudan where he oversees some aspects of the regulatory compliance, KYC, and AML/CFT framework of the bank. Ahmed has over 15 years of experience within the compliance arena. Prior to his current role at Qatar National Bank, Ahmed worked as a Compliance Manager at Albaraka Islamic Bank and Doha Bank respectively. He also served as an Administrative Manager at Yathrib Building Materials in Dubai and as Officer at Sudanese French Bank. Ahmed holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Mumbai.

The ACCPA Certification Process in Sudan

1). The first step in preparing for the ACCPA Certification Exam is to submit your registration for certification. The registration should be done online. During registration, you can make payment directly online using Visa/MasterCard or by clicking on "invoice me" to receive your invoice for bank transfer. The invoice will contain all the payment details you need for your bank transfer.   

2). The second step is to obtain your copy of the ACCPA Exam Study Material. The exam study material will be sent to you automatically via email once your payment has been confirmed. Those who pay with Visa/MaterCard will receive their exam study material immediately upon making payment. Those who pay via bank transfer will need to wait until funds are received by ACCPA. 

3). The third step is to study for the exam. The Exam Study Material contains all the information you will need to pass the exam. You have 90 days from the date you receive the exam study material to study and take the exam. 

4) The fourth step is to schedule a date for your exam. You may no longer be able to take the exam after 90 days if your exam has not been scheduled yet. You should schedule your exam date by visiting this page.

5). The fifth and final step is to take the test. The ACCPA Exam is a web-based test that must be taken under the supervision of the Chief Examiner for your chapter. The exam contains 100 questions over a period of 200 minutes (i.e. 3hrs 20 mins). The candidate must score at least 70 correct answers out of 100 to pass the ACCPA Exam. Your test score will be displayed to you immediately upon completing the exam.

For further questions about the ACCPA Certification Exam process, please contact or

ACCPA Sudan Chapter Activities

There are two chapter meetings in a year. Members should attend meetings regularly to maintain their membership in the chapter. 


Head of ACCPA Sudan Chapter

Ahmed Abu Harira

Head of Compliance
Qatar National Bank Sudan


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