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Personal Learners

Personal learners refer to individuals who enroll in ELearning courses on their own without the involvement of their employer. Personal learners can enroll in ELearning courses on a one-time or subscription basis. Individuals who enroll as personal learners have up to 30 days to complete their course. A personal learner can enroll in multiple courses or a single course at a time. Payment for personal learner courses can come from the learner directly or from their employer. There is no difference between courses for personal learners and corporate learners. The only difference is whether or not the employer is involved. Personal learners receive a certificate for each course they complete.  

Self-Service Account 

Each learner gets their own ELearning account where they can see the courses they are enrolled in and the status of each course. The ELearning account allows the learner to track their progress and manage their own training. The learner can see their training history along with the score, duration, and certificate for each course. The learner can re-visit previously completed course to refresh their memory and brush up on their knowledge. The self-service account allows the learner to pick courses they wish to study now and ones that they wish to study later. Learners can submit feedback for each course they are enrolled in if they wish to do so. Moreover, learners have the ability to reset their password and update their personal details at any time

Train at Your Own Pace 

The ACCPA ELearning platform allows learners to learn at their own pace. Each learner sets their own schedule based on how much time they wish to allocate to their studies at a time. Some learners may wish to complete their training course immediately and move on while others may wish to take their time. The learner can break up their training course into different sessions and follow a personalized schedule to complete the course. Training at one's own pace allows the learner to complete their training without undue pressure from a trainer or peers who are enrolled in the same course. Learners who are not satisfied with their final assessment score can re-take the assessment at their own pace until they attain the score they prefer.

Access Your Courses on Any Device 

Learners are not limited to where they can learn from. Learners can access their study material on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The learner can start their studies on a desktop and complete it on a mobile device or start from a laptop and complete it on a tablet. This flexibility allows the learner to access their study material from virtually anywhere. Learners who wish to study their material on their commute can do so and those who wish to complete it from home or the office can do so. The computer remembers where the learner signed off and automatically takes the learner to where they left off the next time they sign in on any device. The learner experience is the same no matter which type of device the learner is using.

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