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Safeguarding Africa's Integrity in a Complex World

Who Can Become A Member of ACCPA

ACCPA membership is open to all AML professionals working within the compliance department at a financial institution in an African country with at least six months of experience. If you meet this minimum eligibility requirement including the ones listed below, please visit our registration page to start your ACCPA membership today to start receiving our free ACCPA Compliance Magazine. There is no fee for ACCPA membership; our members do not pay any fees to join. Once you become a member of ACCPA, you will receive free issues of our AML Journal of Africa which covers the AML compliance sector in Africa.

When you sign up for ACCPA membership, the employment information you provide will be verified before you will be allowed full membership. This employment verification process only applies to applicants who indicate that they are currently employed at a financial institution.

ACCPA Membership Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to become a member of ACCPA:

1. You must be currently employed or seeking employment within the compliance function at a financial institution in a country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2. You must have at least six months of compliance experience within the financial services sector in a country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. You must have primary residence in a country in Sub-Saharan Africa and must be willing to register with our local chapter in your country if there is a chapter in your country.

4. You must not have any negative public record or criminal history. The information you provide during your membership application will be verified by our local chapter before you will be allowed full membership. The length of the verification process varies from country to country.

If you have any questions about ACCPA membership eligibility or requirements please contact us at: membership@acc-pa.org.