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AML Journal of Africa: Author's Guideline

AML Journal of Africa is a peer-reviewed professional journal of the Association of Certified Compliance Professionals in Africa (ACCPA). Its aim is to disseminate information (scientific and technical knowledge) and promote the exchange of AML best practices in Sub-Saharan Africa. The editorial board welcomes articles on a diverse range of topics related to the AML sector in Africa. We are interested in both scholarly and professional articles. We are also interested in both research and non-research articles. The articles can focus on AML policy in African countries, AML sanctions of countries and financial institutions, AML Risk controls at financial institutions, challenges to meeting global AML standards in Africa, anti-corruption, the compliance profession itself, etc.

Outline of Manuscript

Manuscripts presented for publication in the AML Journal of Africa should not exceed 3 pages of A4 sheets (including figures, tables, and references). The manuscript should be single-spaced with a 12-point font. Articles should have a maximum word count of 1,500 and must include the following:

1. Title and if necessary a Subtitle
Titles and/or subtitles of articles should denote the topic as well as the country if applicable.

2. Abstract or Summary
Include an abstract or summary at beginning of your manuscript. The abstract  summarizes the main discussion, conclusions and recommendations. The maximum word count allowed for the abstract  is 250 words. The abstract needs to be an abridgement of the document you wish to be published, concentrating in itself the ideas from your full document.

3. Introduction
Please explain the background and justification of your work and the importance of it, preferably with references to other sources used.

4. Materials and methods and Results (for research articles only)
For research articles, approach and methods used, as well as results should focus on how the work was carried out. The results section should provide the findings of the work, preferably in tables or figures.

5. Discussion and Conclusions
If it is a research article, the research method is assessed in the "discussion section" where findings of the research are explained, comparisons are made with other research, and the possible practical use of the outcomes is emphasized. The Conclusions section summarizes the main findings.

6. Recommendations and Suggestions for further research (optional)

If possible and relevant, the article should give recommendations about the subject discussed and provide suggestions for further research and/or development programs.

7. References
Use the MLA (The Modern Language Association of America) format to cite your sources. You can build your MLA citation using this link: http://www.easybib.com

Deadline for Submission

In order for an article to appear in the intended quarterly issue, the manuscript must be submitted at least 30 days before the beginning of that quarter. If a manuscript is submitted after the deadline, the editorial board will reach out to the author to discuss placement but reserves the right to consider the article for the next quarter’s issue. The deadlines are:

November 30 for the First Quarter Issue

February 28 for the Second Quarter Issue

May 30 for the Third Quarter Issue, and

August 30 for the Fourth Quarter Issue

Please submit all articles and supporting information to: editor@amljournalofafrica.com

Editorial Considerations

The AML Journal of Africa reserves the right to accept or reject submissions based on the value and merit of the topic at the time of submission, as well as grammar and quality of writing.

For further questions about the AML Journal of Africa manuscript submission process please contact the editor at: editor@amljournalofafrica.org

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