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Isabel Fernando, BA

Corporate Affairs Coordinator


Loic Armel Kengne, LLB, MBA

Director of Francophone Affairs


Alexandre Luis Langa is the Director of ACCPA Portuguese. He provides guidance and advisory on the operation ACCPA in Portuguese-speaking regions of Africa. He holds a Masters degree in International Finance and Development from ISRI Maputo. Alex has over 8 years of experience within the AML compliance function. He is an AML/CFT Specialist (Money Laundering Officer - MLRO) at FNB Mozambique where he oversees the controls and measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. Before his current role at FNB, Alex worked within the compliance at Barclays Bank, Banco Unico, and Banco Moza. In addition to his Director role, Alex also serves as the Head of Chapter for ACCPA Mozambique. 

Thato Koena, Cert

Senior Administrator

Samuel Wainaina, Bcom, MBA

Director of Anglophone Affairs


Alexandre Luis Langa, MA

Director of Portuguese Affairs


Nebson Zhuwawo, BCom

Programs Coordinator


Isabel Fernando is the Corporate Affairs Coordinator for ACCPA. She is in charge of managing ACCPA's relationship with corporate clients that use our products and services across Africa. Isabel has extensive experience in dealing with corporate clients in her capacity as Administrative Coordinator at Tarso, a leading language translation services provider in Angola, where she is responsible for marketing the company's services to corporate clients in different industries. Isabel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from the CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also holds a Diploma in Business Management from the Damelin Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Loïc Armel Kengne is the Director of ACCPA Francophone. He oversees the affairs of French-speaking countries within ACCPA and provides advisory. Loic holds a masters degree in law obtained in Cameroon and a MBA from the Paris High School of Insurance in France, where he brilliantly presented a thesis about compliance within the insurance sector. Due to his involvement in the fight for the development of compliance in Africa, Loïc was Awarded the 2017 Africa Risk Management Professional of the Year. Loic works as a Compliance Officer at SAAR Insurance and serves also as a part-time lecturer at the Institut universitaire de la Côte in Cameroon. Loïc’s aims to be a world-class African professional and to contribute meaningfully to the development of the compliance sector in Africa. 

Nebson Zhuwawo is the Project Coordinator for ACCPA. He works on various ongoing projects within ACCPA. Prior to his role at ACCPA, Nebson served as a Financial Intelligence intern with Alpha Omega in Zimbabwe where he worked in loss control and internal audit departments. Nebson’s expertise lies in financial crime investigations, formulation and implementation of internal control systems, risk assessment and evaluation, and evidence gathering in financial crime. Nebson has a strong knowledge in money laundering typologies and has published an article in the ACCPA Magazine. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree in Financial Intelligence (BCom F.I). 

Thato Koena is the Senior Administrator for ACCPA. She oversees administrative procedures and processes in ACCPA and maintains oversight of the systems and databases needed to run the organization on a daily basis. Thato also oversees the review and approval process of new members into the organization. She has nearly 10 years of experience in AML/KYC controls and compliance management. Before her current role at ACCPA, Thato served as a regulatory analyst at FNB in Johannesburg where she was partly responsible for the implementation of AML risk controls for the bank. Thato has a certificate in Anti-Money Laundering from the University of Pretoria.

Samuel Wainaina is the Director of Anglophone Affairs for ACCPA and the Head of Chapter for ACCPA Kenya. He is a core part of ACCPA’s strategy for growth and membership drive across the continent. His expertise and knowledge helps ACCPA to envision how the organization will look in the future and how we need to work towards that objective. Samuel has nearly 10 years of experience in the compliance sector. He is a Compliance Manager at First Community Bank in Nairobi. Prior to that, Samuel served as a Compliance Manager at Bank of Africa Kenya and as Compliance & Governance Advisor at Barclays Bank Kenya. Samuel holds a BA in Accounting from Kenyatta University and a MBA in Finance from the University of Nairobi.

Ernest Honya, BA, MSc

Chairman and President


Ernest Honya was educated at UC Berkeley (U.S.), Oxford (U.K.), and Cambridge (U.K.). He is the Founder and President of ACCPA. He is based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Before becoming Chairman and President of ACCPA, Ernest worked as a Senior AML/KYC Quality Assurance Analyst at Ria Money Transfer in the United States. Ernest previously served as Risk Analyst at the Oxford Microfinance Initiative, Personal Banker at U.S Bank, Universal Banker at Citibank, and a Branch Associate at Bank of America. Ernest has a BA in International Development from UC Berkeley and a MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford. Ernest was a U.S. Gilman Scholar in the Pembroke-King's Programme at the University of Cambridge.

Management Team