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Conduct KYC screening with best-in-class features designed for world-class compliance programs.

KYC E-Screening Features

The KYC E-Screening Solution has a number of features that allow users to perform a variety of functions within the system. These features are embedded in different areas within the solution. The number of features available will depend on the type of package selected for subscription. The functions can be performed through automation or manual processes.  

Automated Alerts 

Automated alerts are sent to users to notify them of suspicious or unusual activities. The system monitors transactions 24/7 and sends alerts whenever there is a positive match. The alerts appear in the notification center where the user can manage alerts and resolve issues. Automated alerts are supported by the notification within the center. The Notification Center is a centralized depository of all alerts in the KYC E-Screening system. Every alert will be sent to the notification center where it can be accessed by the user for resolution. Users can choose to be notified via email whenever an alert is sent to the notification center.

Case Management 

The KYC E-Screening system allows users to group risk cases into resolved and unresolved. These are cases that do not pose high risk and have not been resolved yet. These types of cases are resolved through the normal procedure, and do not require extra attention like those in the risk cases category. Unresolved cases could become risk cases if not resolved in time. Resolved cases are those that have been successfully closed and no longer pose any risk. Resolved cases are stored in the system and can be reviewed at any time. Resolved cases can be reopened at any time if necessary. Cases that have been resolved receive less priority within the system. 

Similarity Index Management 

Every search in the system generates a similarity index for all search results. This allows the user to determine which search result has the closest match to the profile they are looking for. The profile with the highest similarity index is the profile that best matches the search. The KYC E-Screening system also recognizes that different jurisdictions pose different risks. As such, it is important for users to determine the level of risk posed by the jurisdiction they are dealing with. The system continuously monitors each jurisdiction and generates a numerical ranking of all jurisdictions based on the level of risk they pose..

ID Document Verification 

A document may appear authentic but the information it contains may not be authentic. It is important to check both the authenticity of the document and the information it contains. The KYC E-Screening system allows users to check for the authenticity of information on ID documents. ID Documents and Passports presented by customers must be inspected to ensure that they have not been tampered with. The KYC E-Screening system allows users to detect if an ID document or Passport has been tampered with.

Audit Trail Reporting 

Cases managed by an institution over a period of time can be generated into a PDF report. The cases generated onto the PDF report can be selected according to time period, risk level, and resolution status. The report can appear in the form of a table, pie chart, or graph. Admin users can generate reports of the activities of other users under their control. The user activity report shows the number of cases that have been resolved by each user. It shows when the cases were created, how they were handled, and how they were resolved.

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