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We provide advisory on a multitude of specialized  topics in every aspect of compliance.

Compliance Risk Advisory Services

We have well-experienced experts who can provide high-quality advisory in compliance. ACCPA provides advisory services in a number of areas such as AML Compliance, PEP KYC Screening, Correspondent Banking, Risk Assessment, Policies and Procedures, Fraud Risk Management, Reputation Management, and International Regulation. We advise on a multitude of bank-specific topics including:  

AML Compliance Advisory 

ACCPA provides in-depth AML compliance advisory. Our AML compliance advisory cover all areas of the compliance. We provide advisory on compliance program design as well as the appropriate compliance frame for your institution given the size, complexity, and context. We can provide either a specific or general AML compliance advisory based on the client's needs.

PEP/KYC Screening Advisory 

One of ACCPA's core expertise is PEP/KYC screening. As a global provider of the WorldPEP PEP/KYC screening solution, ACCPA has the insight to deliver highly effective advisory in this area. PEP/KYC sanction screening is an area that poses significant challenges to banks and financial institutions. We advise banks and financial institutions on how to effectively overcome PEP/KYC risk exposure. 

Correspondent Banking Advisory 

Correspondent banking is a necessity for all banks. However, building a string correspondent banking relationship requires a strong compliance programs. Global banks require banks in emerging economies to demonstrate a strong appetite as well as robust procedures and process. Maintaining long-term correspondent banking relationships require constant review of the compliance program and attending request from global banks. Our advisory services allow financial institutions in emerging economies to navigate the challenges of correspondent and all the requests that comes along with it.

Risk Assessment Advisory 

Risk assessment is an ongoing function for all compliance departments. Our risk assessment advisory focuses on a step-by-step approach to identifying and remediating aspects of the compliance function that poses significant risk. Identifying risk is a core spect of the compliance function and requires expertise and due diligence. Our risk assessment advisory allow banks and financial institutions to identify, mitigate, and remediate risk assessment challenges.

Policies and Procedures Advisory 

Having well-established policies and procedures is an absolute necessity for every compliance department. Well-established policies and procedures are signs of maturity and a commitment to implementing strong compliance standards. Moreover, policies and procedures provide clear guidance to the compliance in executing their task with competence. It also demonstrates to regulators that the compliance function operates with a well-defined structure and process. We advise banks and financial institutions on how what to include in the policies, procedure, and processes given their size, complexity and structure.

International Regulation Advisory 

International regulations and guidelines on compliance are constantly being updated. With the multitude of international regulations that underpin the compliance sector, banks and financial institutions need ongoing advisory on what has changed, and the impact it is going to have on their compliance function and business. ACCPA guides banks and financial institutions through the litany of international regulations that surrounds the compliance function.

ACCPA is a knowledge and information solutions provider legally registered in the United States with its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. ACCPA is registered with the California Secretary of State Office.

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