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Compliance Advisory Services

ACCPA provides low-cost compliance advisory services to banks and financial institutions worldwide. Our compliance advisory services are designed to identify challenges, understand the root cause of the challenges, and provide expert advise to overcome such challenges. Banks and financial institutions in emerging economies face a multitude of challenges in key areas of compliance. ACCPA remains committed to providing our clients around the world with low-cost advisory services to help them overcome ongoing challenges they face in compliance. 

With enormous expertise in retail banking, ACCPA has the necessary ingredients to provide expert advise to banks and financial institutions in different arenas. Over the years, ACCPA's relationship with commercial banks has allowed ACCPA to gain a keen understanding of what it takes for a bank to achieve operational excellence. Our insight and unique perspective has allowed many commercial banks to overcome operational and managerial challenges. Our advisory approach begins with a keen understanding of the "root cause" of the issues at stake. Thereafter, we will proceed to understand the impact it has on both operational and managerial efficiency. We propose recommendations based on the nature and impact of the issues at stake. We aim at proposing long-term solutions that will allow our clients to overcome challenges in a sustainable manner.  

ACCPA delivers practical and seamless solutions to banks and financial institutions through the collaboration of our dedicated financial institution Advisory Services. Our professionals leverage their current experience assisting clients and their leadership in the financial institution industry, as well as utilizing their past experiences as former FASB staff, SEC staff, bank examiners, national office professionals, bank accounting directors, bank compliance officers and bank presidents.

Our professionals have a strong knowledge of compliance issues impacting financial institutions and are deeply skilled at managing changes in accounting standards across organizations. We are in tune with the developments of national regulatory agencies, SEC, FASB, and IASB, allowing us to assist you in assessing and planning for the potential effects on your business. Furthermore, we have the experience to execute sizeable engagements, having worked with both large public and private institutions. Our well-rounded perspective can assist you in adding value in a meaningful way, while supporting you through this period of significant change. ACCPA is the go-to destination for expertise in retail banking operation and management.

ACCPA is a knowledge and information solutions provider legally registered in the United States with its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. ACCPA is registered with the California Secretary of State Office.

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