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Safeguarding Africa's Integrity in a Complex World

Events Held by ACCPA in Africa

ACCPA holds several events throughout Africa for our members. Some of the events are held exclusively by ACCPA while others are held in conjunction with our partners. Our main events include the ACCPA Compliance Conference, the ACCPA Roundtable Discussion, the ACCPA Compliance Training Program, and the ACCPA Chapter Event. Most of our events are attended by our members and increasingly non-members. Non-members who attended ACCPA events are encouraged to become members so they can attend future events. Being a member is important because some events are open to members only. While some events are by invitation only, many of our events are open to all members to attend. Most ACCPA events are free for members to attend but sometimes we do charge a small fee.  

ACCPA Compliance Conference

The ACCPA Compliance Conference is our flagship event that takes place every August. It is our single most important annual event that brings together compliance professionals from across Africa for two-days. The conference is a preeminent platform for the discussion of pertinent compliance issues that are specific to the Africa region. Delegates who attend the ACCPA Compliance Conference come to listen to leading figures within the industry, engage in intellectual discussions, and network with professionals from different countries. The 2016 ACCPA Compliance was held in Nairobi, Kenya on August 18 & 19. The  2017 ACCPA Compliance Conference will be held in Lagos, Nigeria in August. 

ACCPA Roundtable Discussion

The ACCPA Roundtable Discussion is a special event that we hold in collaboration with our partners. The roundtable is an intellectual platform where compliance professionals come together to engage in discussions on ongoing issues within the compliance sector in their respective countries. 

ACCPA Compliance Training Program

The ACCPA Compliance Training Program is a three-day training course offered to  professionals to keep them updated on compliance knowledge. The program is offered to professionals from different organizations or a single organizations. The program is offered on annual basis to professionals in each country.

ACCPA Chapter Event

Every ACCPA Chapter is expected to host at least one chapter event a year. The chapter event is an opportunity for each chapter to discuss compliance issues on a national level and share notes on pertinent issues within the field with colleagues from other institutions.