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The ACCPA E-Learning solution is trusted by  banking and finance professionals worldwide.

ACCPA E-Learning Solution

The ACCPA E-Learning solution is used by many organizations in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world to train bank staff. The ACCPA E-Learning solution meets international compliance standards and operates on the latest LMS technology developed in California. Our E-Learning solution allow learners to access their training courses no matter where they are located. The ACCPA E-Learning solution is excellent for delivering courses to both off-site and on-site learners. Off-site learners can login at any time to complete their training courses without interacting with a trainer for help. On-site learners can login at any time to complete their courses on their own schedule without unnecessary pressure from a trainer.

Easy to Navigate Platform

The ACCPA E-Learning solution was designed with the user in mind. The user experience is a key component of the learning platform. The layout of the learning platform makes it friendly to use and easy for the user to move from one page to the next. The user experience is very smooth with no difficulty in navigation

Learner Monitoring System 

The ACCPA E-Learning solution makes it easy for administrators and managers to track the progress of their learners in the system. The administrator or manager can see all their learners in the system and monitor their progress through the courses. The administrator or manager will be able to see which learners have completed their studies.

Recordkeeping of Results 

The training records of each learner is stored permanently in the system. The administrator or manager can retrieve the historical training records of each learner at any time. The learner will have access to their own training records while the administrator or manager will have access to the training records of all learners. 

Downloadable Reports 

The ACCPA E-Learning solution has the ability to generate reports for administrators and managers. Information from the system can be generated in excel or word format and downloaded for internal use. Information such as completion rates, time spent on learning, and assessment scores can be generated into reports.

Certificate of Completion 

The courses contained in the ACCPA E-Learning system are all certified courses. The courses come with quizzes and assessments.The learners must complete the quizzes in each chapter before moving on to the next chapter. Each learner will receive a certificate after completing a course. Learners will be required to complete an assessment at the end of their course in order to receive their certificate. The certificate will be stored permanently in their learner account.

Self-service Account 

The ACCPA E-Learning solution automatically creates an account for each learner when they are added to the system.Each learner is provided with login details to access their personalized E-Learning account. Their account will show all the courses they are currently enrolled in as well as previously completed courses.

Over 100 On-Demand Courses 

Unlike other E-Learning systems, the ACCPA ELearning solution already comes with over 100 courses in the system. You do not need to add or build your own courses. The courses are available in the system and learners can begin their courses as soon as they login. All courses in the system are created for you by ACCPA.

No Installation Required 

Unlike other E-Learning systems, the ACCPA E-Learning solution requires no installation because it is a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based solutions do not require installation because they can be accessed directly online. The ACCPA E-Learning solution is an internet-based platform that is ready to be used immediately without any installation. The solution has already been installed on the internet. All you need is your login details.

ACCPA is a knowledge and information solutions provider legally registered in the United States with its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. ACCPA is registered with the California Secretary of State Office.

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