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Corporate staff can be trained in any course, no matter what department they work in. 

ELearning Courses for Corporate Staff

As a global leader in Elearning courses, ACCPA is in a position to provide ELearning courses to the staff of any institution - large or small. ACCPA can be relied upon to deliver ELearning courses to your staff year after year. Almost all our clients are repeat customers because of the assurance we give them in the consistency of our delivery. The employer can pick courses directly from our ELearning catalog and ACCPA will deliver accordingly. The courses are delivered to each employee's ELearning account base on the specifications of the employer. Courses can be delivered to employees at once or in batches as they complete their complete each course. Employees will receive certificate for each course they complete. Managers will be able to monitor the progress of each employee as they complete their courses using functionalities in the ACCPA ELearning solution. The ACCPA ELearning provides the tools for managers to track, monitor, and manage staff training.

On-Demand Courses 

The ACCPA ELearning catalog is stocked with over 500 courses that can be delivered on-demand. On-demand courses are designed to provide quick and in-depth knowledge in several disciplines within organizations. On-demand courses allow organizations to provide quick and easy solution to knowledge gap challenges. On-demand courses offered by ACCPA are of the highest standards in every discipline. The courses are designed to provide industry-standard knowledge to employees in different disciplines. Industry-standard knowledge is the type of knowledge that every professional in a specific field should be familiar with. Industry-standard knowledge allows employees to have a solid foundation in their chosen profession

Self-Thought and Self-Paced Courses 

Courses provided by ACCPA are both self-thought and self-paced. This means no trainer is involved. The learner must read the content on their own to get the knowledge directly without interference from a trainer. Access the knowledge directly allows the leaner to gain more confidence because they are gaining the knowledge directly on their own instead of through a third-party trainer. Each section of the course comes with a set of quiz questions to test the memory of the learner as they go through the course. The courses are self-paced in that the learner fit their study time into their regular work hours. This allows every employees to complete the course at their own paced on their availability. This removes any undue pressure and allow employees to complete their courses under no stress

Courses for multiple professional fields 

A great advantage of ACCPA courses is that they cover multiple disciplines and departments within organization. The courses are not restricted to just one department. ACCPA courses can be delivered to staff in any department because the courses are designed to assist organizations in training their staff in multiple disciplines. ACCPA has expertise in multiple disciplines and is able to as many department as possible. On-demand curses cover many departments within organizations. However, ACCPA goes further to provide customized courses to organization whose needs are not fully by current list of courses in our ELearning catalog.

Tiered-level Courses

ACCPA courses come in different levels. This tiered approach allows employees to consume knowledge in bits without being overwhelmed with too much knowledge in one course. It makes the ELearning course feel more like a training course than a certification course. Learners who complete one level successfully can move on to the next level course. Tiered-level courses must be completed in a sequential order because they are designed to build upon each other in a sequential order. For example, a learner can only enroll in a level 2 course after they have completed the level 1 course. This ensures that the learner has met the pre-requisite for the course and will have no trouble understand the content.

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