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List of ACCPA ELearning Courses

List of ACCPA Certification Exam Courses

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1. Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (AML)
2. Fraud Risk Management (FRM)  
3. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 
4. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
5. Human Resource Management (HRM)
6. Procurement & Supply Management (PSM)
7. Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) 
8. Corporate Governance and Ethics (CGE)
9. Public Relations Management (PRO)
10. Credit Risk Management (CRM)

                                          ACCPA ELearning Courses

ACCPA is the premier ELearning provider for major institutions across Africa. Many institutions use the ACCPA ELearning portal to deliver high-quality training content to their staff. Courses in the ACCPA ELearning portal cover different professional fields. The ACCPA ELearning portal allows employers to provide training to their staff seamlessly all year round. The training material can be delivered to staff in any department because the ELearning courses cover different professional fields. There are 50 training courses in the ELearning portal. Courses in the ELearning portal come in four languages - English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The ELearning course material is embedded with quizzes and assessments to test the knowledge of candidates as they go through the training.  For more information about ACCPA ELearning courses, contact us at info@acc-pa.org.  

1. Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
2. Fraud Risk Management (FRM)  
3. Human Resource Management (HRM) 
4. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)
5. Procurement & Supply Management (PSM)
6. Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) 
7. Public Relations Management (PRM)
8. Corporate Governance and Ethics (CGE)
9. Credit Risk Management (PRM)
10. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
11. Business Administration & Management (BAM)
12. Customer Service (PCS)
13. Sales (PSP)
14. Security (PSO)

15. Insurance (PIO)

16. Branch Manager Training (BMT)  

17. Bank Teller Training (BXT)
18. Remittance and Money Transfers (RMT)  
19. Know Your Customer (KYC) 
20. Foreign Exchange Market (FXM)
21. Private Banking (PVB)
22. Corporate Banking (PRB)
23. SME Banking (SME) 
24. Trade Finance (TXF)
25. Merchant Services (MXS)
26. Client Relationship Management (CXM)
27. Financial Crime Management (FCM)
28. Branch Operations Management (BOM)
29. Internet and Cyber Security (ICS)
30. New Employee Training (NET)
31. Debt Recovery and Collections (DRC)
32. Marketing and Corporate Branding (MCB)

33. Wealth Management (WXM)
34. Digital Banking (DXB)  
35. Capital Markets (CXM) 
36. Financial Risk Management (FRX)
37. Operational Risk Management (ORM)
38. Treasury and Cash Management (TCM)
39. Corporate Leadership Training (CLT)
40. General Banking Training (GBT)
41. Bank Operations Management (BXM)
42. Fundamentals of Banking (FOB)
43. SWIFT Banking System (SBS)
44. Credit Cards (CXC)
45. Foreign Currency Transactions (FCT)
46. Stock Markets (SXM)
47. International Banking Regulations (IBR)
48. Online and Internet Banking (OIB) 

49. Policies, Standards, and Controls (PSC)
50. Mobile Banking (MXB)