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Can't find what you're looking for in our course catalog? We can build it for your based on your needs.

Customized Courses

ACCPA give employers the option to customize their courses if our courses do not fit their specific needs. Employers can either build their own course from scratch or build upon an existing ACCPA course. Customized courses are more crucial in cases where ACCPA does not have a course that an employer wants. ACCPA might have some of the courses that employers are looking for and not have other courses that they want. When ACCPA does not have a course that an employer is looking for, the employer has the option to suggest a new course of their choice. The employer can choose to build the new course entirely on their own, have ACCPA build the new course for them, or build the new course in collaboration with ACCPA. 

Customizing a course on your own

An employer can choose to customize a course on their own without the involvement of ACCPA. This allows the employer to build the course entirely on their own using proprietary content. Both the expertise and course content are supplied by the employer without directions or advise from ACCPA. Building a custom course allows the employer to craft a learning experience which aligns with their institution’s values. It will be 100% tonally consistent with their brand because it enables the employer to incorporate their company’s logos and color scheme while also including specific company policies and procedures. The certificate for the course will also have the employer's logo on it.

Let ACCPA Customize your course

Employers can choose to let ACCPA customize their course for them without having to bother with the process of building the course. The employer gives ACCPA the specifications and requirements and let ACCPA can get to work for them.. The advantage of having ACCPA build your course is that ACCPA ensures that the course meets international certification standards. The employer must be satisfied with the final product from ACCPA. If the employer is not satisfied with what ACCPA has produced, ACCPA will need to make the necessary changes until the employer fully satisfied. The customized course, although produced by ACCPA, will be exclusive to the requesting employer. ACCPA cannot offer the course to other employers.

Customize your course in collaboration with ACCPA

Employers can choose to customize their course in collaboration with ACCPA. This approach allows the employer to have autonomy in the course creation process while relying on ACCPA's expertise and direction. The employer can decide how much involved they want to be in the course creation process. The employer can choose to provide expertise or content or both depending on how much leeway they wish to give. Some employers are more hands-on than others. Some employers only want to be updated periodically on the course creation process while others want to be involved in the decision making process. The collaborative approach will depend on the preferences of the employer. Ultimately, the goal is to build a fully customized that will meet the satisfaction of the employer.

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