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Choose how you want to enroll in courses. You can enroll as a one-time learner or as a subscriber.

Course Enrollment

All courses are available for enrollment on the ACCPA website. Learners can enroll in courses directly on the ACCPA website using a debit/credit card or by contacting ACCPA to request invoice to make payment via bank transfer. Learners can view the course details in the catalog before enrolling. The course catalog contains detailed information about each course that ACCPA has to offer. Upon registering for the course, learners will be granted access to their own ELearning account where they can access their enrolled courses. Learners can enroll in one or multiple courses at a time. Employers who wish to enroll their staff for training should contact ACCPA for special instructions.

One-Time Enrollment 

Learners can choose to enroll in courses on a one-time basis. This means learners only pay for the course they wish to enroll in. The one-time enrollment option is specifically intended for personal learners. Personal learners are individuals who are paying to enroll in a course on their own without the involvement of their employer. Personal learners are not required to make long-term commitment when enrolling for courses. Personal learners will enroll on a one-time basis every time they register for a course. One-time enrollment gives personal learners the flexibility to enroll in courses however they want and how frequently they wish to do so. Courses will be added to the learner's ELearning account immediately after they register for a course. The learner can log into their ELearning account and start learning right away

Subscription-Based Enrollment 

Learners have the option to enroll as subscribers. This option allows learners to pay a one-time fee and access permitted number of courses over a selected period of time. Subscription-based enrollment is specifically intended for corporate learners. Corporate learners are individuals who enroll in courses through their employer. Their employer subscribes to a a specific number of courses  allowing employees to enroll in courses over a specific period of time. In other words, the employer pays for the courses and the employees access them at no cost to them. Each employee's ELearning account is tied to their employer's ELearning account allowing their HR Manager/Administrator to monitor their enrollment and course progress. A corporate can also pay for courses directly on their own if they choose to do so. A corporate learner will still have access to all the courses in their ELearning account should they leave their employer; their ELearning account will be automatically converted into a personal learner account to allow them to continue learning on their own.

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