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ACCPA is trusted by  leading global brands for its high-quality training material content. 

Corporate Training

ACCPA is a leader in corporate professional training. The ACCPA ELearning solution is stocked with over 500 on-demand courses in multiple professionals fields. The ACCPA ELearning solution allows employers to train their staff from a single platform no matter what department they work in. ACCPA can deliver training courses to corporate professionals in any field. The courses are available in the ACCPA ELearning portal and can be deployed at any time to as many employees as possible. Many employers across the globe trust ACCPA to provide training to their staff from year to year.

High-Quality Content 

One of the major reasons why employers choose ACCPA for staff training is the quality of the training material. The ACCPA training content is produced from both an academic and professional perspective. This allows the material to maintain its academic framework while providing specialized professional training. It is the dual-approach that make ACCPA stand out among other training providers. Most training content are designed from purely a professional perspective with little academic insight. ACCPA understands that staff training must have an academic framework to provide rigor and quality. It is the academic framework that gives a training course its rigor and level of difficulty. Training courses that are designed with no academic framework often turn to be of poor quality. ACCPA rises above the challenge by ensuring that all its training courses maintain a solid academic foundation

Practical Applicability 

We believe that training is of no use to employees if it does not provide practical applicability. Practical applicability is an absolute necessity in any type of corporate training that is intended to have an impact. Practical applicability is a cornerstone of the ACCPA ELearning program. Every training course provided by ACCPA is designed to be provide practical and applicable knowledge upon course completion. Practical ability is of the most cited reasons when we ask employers for what they want in our training courses. As such, we place a high priority on practical applicability when designing courses. Our courses are designed to provide immediate impact on business to allow business to overcome challenges they have at hand. Employees can begin applying their knowledge immediately upon completing the course.

Strong Intellectual Base 

A hallmark of ACCPA training courses is their strong intellectual base. ACCPA courses have a strong emphasis on intellectual knowledge because we believe a strong intellectual foundation is the pillar for a successful career in the corporate world. Corporate careers are different from other types careers because they require professionals to have an in-depth esoteric knowledge in their field. This means the professional should have a profound understanding of the concepts, approaches, and terminologies in their field. A corporate professional should have the intellectual confidence necessary to cary out discussions with peers in their field and to explain certain aspects of their job function to colleagues. A corporate professional must therefore be intellectually attuned to their career; professionals with a strong intellectual background tend to have more confidence than less intellectual ones.

User-Friendly Approach

Every ACCPA course is designed with the end-user in mind. In order for a course to be user-friendly, the course material must be easy to understand, unambiguous, and easy to digest. All these elements must be present for the course to be be user-friendly. This is the approach taken by ACCPA in building its courses. The course material have both rigor and clarity. These two key components allow the course not to be too difficult to understand and yet maintain a certain a level of sophistication. User-friendly doe snot mean the course inherently easy rather, it means the course has clarity - it is designed not unnecessarily confuse the learner. This approach allows the learner to enjoy reading the content while expecting a certain level difficulty.

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