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​​The ACCPA Compliance Conference

The ACCPA Compliance Conference is a premier event where top and elite Risk & Compliance professionals meet to discuss the most challenging and pressing issues within the profession. The ACCPA Conference is a place to for Risk & Compliance professionals to share ideas and experiences in dealing with ongoing issues in the field. It is an opportunity for Risk & Compliance professionals to learn from one another and expand on their knowledge in the field. The conference is suitable for professionals who are willing to learn from other professionals while providing their own perspective on specific issues.

The conference is open to professionals at different career levels – whether they are at the entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level. ACCPA believes that all professionals can share their experiences and provide a unique perspective no matter which career level they find themselves at. Unlike other conferences, the ACCPA Conference focuses on issues that are relevant and specific to the African context. The cases that are discussed at the ACCPA Conference are real-world examples and typologies that reflect the African reality. The ACCPA Conference provides an opportunity for an-depth understanding of the Risk & Compliance challenges that plague the African continent. Unlike other compliance events, the ACCPA Conference does not just focus on a discussion of selected topics. Rather, the conference seeks to under the root-cause of the most pertinent issues facing Risk & Compliance professionals in Africa.

The ACCPA Conference brings together a host of speakers, presenters, and panelists from different countries across the continent and the world at large. The speakers, presenters, and panelists who are invited to the ACCPA Conference are world-class experts in their area of specialization. The international nature of the ACCPA Conference allows for cross-exchange of ideas and best practices among professionals from different parts of the African continent and the world at large. While the ACCPA Conference is open to professionals in the financial sector in general, many of the participants work in compliance, regulatory risk, internal control, risk management, financial crimes, and fraud protection. No matter what area you work in, you will walk away from the ACCPA Conference with acquired knowledge that will significantly improve your level of confidence and sense of professionalism. 

The ACCPA Conference is hosted in a specific African country each year. The host country is determined by primarily the level of commitment of the ACCPA members in that country. Since ACCPA is a tri-lingual body, content provided at the conference comes in English, French, and Portuguese. Presentations and discussions are translated into all three languages to ensure all delegates participate fully in the event no matter what language they speak

Improving Risk & Compliance Standards in Africa