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We treat our clients and partners with the highest level of integrity and fairness at all times. 

Our Code of Ethics

We abide by a strict ethical code when engaging with our clients. We have zero tolerance for procurement malpractices of any kind. We deliver exactly what we promise to our clients. We will not change our terms and conditions after the sale, and will not increase our prices indiscriminately. Gaining the trust of clients is a top priority for us.

We stand by our promise to clients at all times. Honesty, truthfulness, honor, dependability, and trustworthiness are the cornerstone of our code of ethics. We uphold a high moral standard of conduct in all engagement with out clients. Our clients stay with us year after year because they trust and believe in us. Our clients understand where we stand and they know they can count on us at all times. We will never disappoint our clients or jeopardize the relationship we have built with them over the years.


Integrity requires strong moral principles: good character, honor, and honesty. This is what we uphold at ACCPA. When a client ask for a quote, we stand by the quoted price and deliver accordingly. A vendor with integrity looks beyond their own interests and pursues client-centered goals. This requires polite and professional communication, appropriate interactions, and respect for the thoughts and opinions of clients. If there is ever any disagreement with a client, we will address the matter amicably and find ways to keep working together. We work hard to get clients so we will do whatever is necessary to keep a client. Integrity requires constancy. You cannot have integrity some of the time; you must have it at all times. We don't pick and choose which clients to be most honest with; rather, we treat all clients with the highest level of integrity and fairness at all times.  


Fairness is at the core of how we do business at ACCPA. The principle of fairness requires impartiality, honesty, and the disclosure of material conflicts of interest. Fairness is treating others in the same fashion you want to be treated. Fairness generally involves having the mindset treat others rightfully even when it is not convenient for us. That's the approach we take at ACCPA. For example, when we make a promise and later realize that it might not be in our favor, we will have to honor the promise as a matter of principle. We are proud to say that we have never had a client complain about how they were unfairly treated in a business relationship with ACCPA. The integrity of our brand is of utmost importance to us so we will do whatever is necessary to satisfy our clients in order to have a harmonious relationship with them.

ACCPA is a knowledge and information solutions provider legally registered in the United States with its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. ACCPA is registered with the California Secretary of State Office.

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