​                                        ​​​​ACCPA Certification Exam 

The ACCPA Certification Exam is the Gold Standard for corporate professionals in Africa. The ACCPA Certification Exam is designed to provide African corporate professionals with world-class skills and knowledge in their area of specialization including corporate governance, compliance, risk management, human resource, secretarial work, operations, customer services, client management, and many more. The ACCPA Certification Exam is the only professional certification program designed specifically with African professionals in mind. The ACCPA Certification Exam is geared towards corporate professionals at African institutions. Unlike other professional certification programs, every example in the ACCPA Candidate Guidebook is from a country in Africa. ACCPA has collaborated with professional experts across Africa in different fields to provide specific examples to cases that apply to African countries. While many corporate certification programs place emphasis on professionals in North America and Western European countries, the ACCPA certification program places emphasis on African professionals. For more information contact us at info@acc-pa.org.

​   The ACCPA Certification Exam is Trusted by Africa's Leading Institutions


             Professional Certification Exams Offered by ACCPA

                                  Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification


                                  Fraud Risk Management (FRM) Certification 

                                  Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Certification

                                  Human Resource Management (HRM) Certification

                                  Corporate Governance & Ethics (CGE) Certification

                                  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Certification

                                  Professional Internal Auditor (PIA) Certification

                                  Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) Certification

                                  Public Relations Officer (PRO) Certification

                                  Professional Sales Personnel (PSP) Certification

                                  Professional Security Officer (PSO) Certification

                                  Business and Corporate Communication (BCC) Certification

                                  Business and Financial Management (BFM) Certification

                                  Professional Insurance Officer (PIO) Certification

                                  Information and Cyber Security (ICS) Certification

​                                  Credit Risk Management (CRM) Certification


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