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The ACCPA Blog is the official community forum for compliance professionals in Africa. ACCPA believes that compliance professionals in Africa should be able to express their opinion on any topic within compliance. As such, the ACCPA Blog provides the opportunity for compliance professionals to share their views and opinion on various topic within the field of compliance. The article for the Blog is published 6 times a year in English and French. The Blog article is shared with all members who are also encouraged to visit the Blog and share their views on the topic under discussion.

The Blog is a special part of ACCPA because it is one of the few platforms where compliance professionals from different countries can engage with one another on a continental scale. Essentially, the Blog allows compliance professionals in one country to get the perspective of compliance professionals in another country on same topic. The sharing and exchange of information across borders is one unique feature that makes ACCPA stand out as a truly continental professional forum for Africa.

 The ACCPA Blog is a very active forum. Comments come from all corners of the continent, touching on different subject matters, including KYC due diligence, correspondent banking, crytocurrency, beneficial ownership, transaction monitoring, personal liability, etc. Commenting on the Blog is open to all members of ACCPA. One does not need to be an expert to comment on a particular topic. Blog comments are opinions, not expert advice. As such, we encourage all members to feel free to express their opinion on any topic of interest to them.