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The ACCPA Compliance Magazine is an internationally accredited online magazine published by the Association of Certified Compliance Professionals in Africa (ACCPA). The goal of the magazine is to disseminate knowledge and best practices among compliance professionals in Africa. The magazine does not seek to problematize Africa’s compliance sector. Rather, it strives to demonstrate the complexities and challenges associated with implementing proper compliance controls and AML/CFT policy on the continent. As Africa’s largest and most influential compliance organization, it is ACCPA’s responsibility to publicize contextual and in-depth information about compliance in Africa.

The Magazine is accredited by the U.S. Library of Congress ISSN Center in Washington D.C. to publicize and distribute information about compliance under the ISSN No. 2471-2256 assigned on March 3, 2016. The Magazine is published four times a year, i.e. once every quarter, and features five articles from different countries. Articles in the magazine are submitted by compliance professionals working on the ground in Africa.

How to Subscribe

The Magazine is automatically sent to all certified members of the Association. Certified members who are in good standing receive the magazine on a consistent basis. In order to receive the magazine, one must first register as a member of ACCPA and pass the ACCPA Certification Exam. The magazine is specifically intended for certified members who seek to improve upon their career through knowledge acquisition.

Editorial Review

Due the number of articles we receive from our members across the continent, the Magazine has a rigorous editorial review process. Each article received is carefully and thoroughly reviewed by our Editorial Team to ensure that each article meets our high-quality standards. These rigorous editorial review standards are put in place to ensure that the Magazine maintains its world-class status. Only articles that meet our rigorous standards are considered for publication in the Magazine. 

Guidelines for Authors

1. Length of article

The length of your article must between 900 - 1,000 words. Please do not exceed the word limit. We will not publish anything longer than 1,000 words.

2. Choice of Topic

In order to have the confidence and expertise to write a strong article, it is advised that authors choose a topic that they are very familiar with. Choose a topic that pertains to what you do on a daily basis at work. Do not choose a topic that you are not personally familiar with. Choosing a topic that you are familiar with will allow you to easily write your article without much struggle.

3. Focus and Content of Article

Your article must focus on a specific country in Africa. We do not publish articles about countries outside of Africa. We welcome articles on topics that lie within the areas of audit controls, risk management, forensic investigation, fraud, financial crimes, cybercrime, money laundering, terrorist financing, trade finance, correspondent banking, de-risking, KYC controls, PEP due diligence, sanctions, digital currency, cryptocurrency, mobile banking, financial scandals, bank failures, bribery, and corruption in Africa.

4. Originality of Content

Your article must be your own work. Please do not copy and past content from elsewhere. Whenever you use content that is not yours you must cite the source of the content. We prefer your article to be your own work. The article is an opportunity for you to write freely about a topic that is important to you personally.

5. Structure of Article

You should begin your article with a strong introduction to the topic under discussion. This should be followed by a discussion and presentation of the various points in your article in paragraphs. Begin each new point in a new paragraph to make your article interesting to readers. You should end your article with a good conclusion that calls for action.

6. Photo Requirement

You should submit your photo along with your paper. Your article cannot be published without your photo. You are required to provide a high resolution professional photo when they submit their article. You will be asked to re-submit your photo if it does not meet our standards. See the photos below for types of images we are looking for in the magazine. 

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