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Frequently Asked Questions

ACCPA is a global ELearning provider and an authorized certifying body based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. ACCPA was founded in 2015 with the aim to provide world-class training and certification to corporate professionals in different specializations. Corporate professionals worldwide look to ACCPA for comprehensive resources to enhance their effectiveness on the job, to develop their careers, and to partner strategically with business leaders and stakeholders. ACCPA works to advance the career of corporate professions as a whole, ensuring that as business evolves, their skills also evolve to meet business needs. Businesses increasingly understand that a well-trained staff is a strategic imperative. As a result, business leaders expect that corporate professionals will demonstrate, in addition to a thorough knowledge of industry concepts and requirements, the behavioral competencies required to effectively apply knowledge in the modern workplace in support of organizational goals.

ACCPA's ability to train and certify corporate professionals in different specializations is what makes us unique. As a unifying body for corporate professionals in different specializations, ACCPA serves as a valuable resource to major corporations and institutions that need to train their staff in different departments. ACCPA allows employers to have a single vendor for training and certification without having to worry about dealing with multiple training institutions and certification bodies. 

ACCPA provides an excellent platform for corporate professionals to receive world-class specialized training at a reduced cost. One of our objectives is to significantly reduce the cost of staff training and career development for corporate professionals. We help small businesses and major corporations to reduce their training cost by providing a single platform where they can access courses for all their employees without spending a fortune. 

ACCPA has become the go-to destination for corporate professionals looking to deepen their knowledge in their chosen field. ACCPA focuses on the intellectual needs of corporate professionals by providing them with the foundational knowledge they need to build a successful career. Obtaining strong intellectual knowledge is the right way to start and build a successful career. It is the goal of ACCPA to provide corporate professionals with in-depth knowledge that will allow them to gain the professional confidence and expertise they need to build a successful career.

ACCPA is a knowledge and information solutions provider legally registered in the United States with its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. ACCPA is registered with the California Secretary of State Office.

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