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2017 ACCPA Compliance List - PDF 

ACCPA Compliance List 

The ACCPA Compliance List comprises of the most compliance-focused financial institutions in Africa by country. The listed institutions have demonstrated commitment to the compliance function by investing resources to develop the professional skills and knowledge of their compliance staff.  

What are the criteria? 

Since ACCPA is the professional compliance body for Africa, we determine the level of compliance from the perspective of the compliance staff, not senior management. This means we make our decision based on how financial institutions treat their compliance staff. ACCPA believes that how a financial institution treats its compliance staff is a good measure of the compliance culture at that financial institution.  

Our criteria include:

1. Is there a stand-alone compliance department?

2. How often does the compliance staff receive training?

3. Does the compliance staff attend professional conferences?

4. Does the instituion sponsor compliance staff for professional development?

5. Is the Head of Compliance and the compliance team certified?

2017 ACCPA Compliance List - Digital Version

About the ACCPA Compliance List  

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