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A Mark of Excellence

​​​About ACCPA  

ACCPA is a continental certification body for corporate professionals in Africa. ACCPA offers certifications to professionals in different specializations including governance, compliance, risk management, human resource, secretarial work, operations, customer services, client management, and many more. ACCPA currently has over 5,000 certified corporate professionals in different fields across the African continent. ACCPA enables African institutions to certify their staff and to maintain a well-trained professional staff. ACCPA is a privately-held organization founded in January 2015.

A primary objective of ACCPA is to provide African professionals with world-class skills that will allow them to perform on par with professionals in other parts of the world. African corporations continue to engage with corporations located in other parts of the world, as such, African corporate professionals need to acquire the skills required for performing at the highest level. ACCPA helps African corporate professionals interpret international professional standards within the African content in a manner that reflects the ‘African reality.’  

ACCPA aims to build the confidence of African corporate professionals by allowing them to gain an insight in their area of specialization from an international perspective. Members of ACCPA enjoy the privilege of connecting with other professionals in ACCPA for networking, employment opportunities, and career advancement. Professionals who are new to the corporate sector gain from the perspective of experienced professionals while experienced professionals also gain from the perspective of well-established professionals and experts who have experience working in and outside the African continent.

Corporate professionals work in an environment that requires them to acquire world-class skills in their specific field. Moreover, corporate professionals are expected to keep up with knowledge in their field by becoming familiar with new regulations as well as techniques to implement new standards. Once a professional becomes a member of ACCPA, she or he is encouraged to take the ACCPA Certification Exam which is designed to provide rigorous training for corporate professionals in different fields. ACCPA is an independent organization. It is not affiliated with any private firm, NGO or government body. 

Who Can Become A Member of ACCPA?

ACCPA membership is open to all corporate professionals in Africa. New members are required to register for the ACCPA Certification Exam in order to become certified in their area of work. When you sign up for ACCPA membership, the employment information you provide will be verified before you will be allowed full membership. Your membership registration will be rejected if any of the information you submit on your application is found to be false or incorrect.

ACCPA's membership is made up of Risk & Compliance professionals at financial and non-financial institutions. Many of our members include:

  • Board Members
  • Corporate Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management 
  • Administrative Staff
  • Human Resource Staff
  • Operations Staff
  • Compliance Staff 
​  • Secretarial Staff
  • Client Managers 
  • Customer Service
  • Front-end Staff 
  • Back office Staff 

ACCPA Membership Benefits

Corporate professionals within the ACCPA network enjoy the following benefits:

1). ACCPA provide its members with in-depth global knowledge and skills in their area of work as practiced in North America and Europe and then provide them with a guide to re-apply the knowledge and skills to the African context.

2). Corporate professionals within the ACCPA network receive ongoing professional development through our online tutorials and peer-to-peer advise forums that are designed to provide a solid foundation for professionals new to their field as well as to enhance the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our experienced professionals.

3). ACCPA members receive the training and expertise that will make them more qualified than others when they apply for a new job or seek promotion.

4). With the value-added from our certification program, ACCPA members have the potential to command a higher salary. Research shows that compliance professionals with certification receive more pay than those without certification.

5). ACCPA members gain international recognition as trained and certified corporate professionals with informed knowledge and expertise that is specifically tailored to the area of work.

6). Due to the diversity of its membership, ACCPA members benefit immensely from the perspective of their colleagues within the network who either work in their country, another African country, or outside the continent.

7). ACCPA members with expert knowledge in their area of work can establish authority over such knowledge by submitting a short article for publication in the ACCPA Compliance Magazine.