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ACCPA ERM Certification for enterprise risk management professionals 

ACCPA ERM Certification

The ACCPA ERM Certification provides in-depth knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). This certification is intended for risk managers. Candidates who successfully complete the ACCPA ERM Certification course will acquire the knowledge necessary to carry out risk management responsibilities for any entity.

Cost: $1,000.00 USD

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Candidate Eligibility 

The ACCPA Certification is open to professionals who wish to gain expertise and deepen their knowledge. Candidates are not required to have prior knowledge or experience before taking the exam. Those who have prior knowledge and experience will find the course very refreshing and enriching. Those with no prior knowledge or experience will find the course eye-opening and captivating. All candidates, regardless of the level of experience, are strongly advised to take their studies seriously. While prior knowledge is a great advantage, it is not the basis for passing the course. The basis for passing the course is studying hard and attaining a passing mark on the exam



Exam Schedule

The ACCPA Exam can take place on any day of the week but most exams are scheduled on Saturdays to make it convenient for candidates to take the exam. The exam takes places 60 days from the date the candidate registers for the exam.

Exam Preparation

Candidates receive study material and are given 60 days to prepare for their exam. During this period, the candidate is expected to go through each chapter in the study material and take their practice exam before proceeding to the main exam.

Exam Supervision

The ACCPA Exam is administered on the internet via remote proctoring. Candidates are supervised for the exam by a remote supervisor who monitors the candidate's computer screen to ensure that the exam is administered with integrity.


ACCPA certified professionals are expected to re-certify every 12 months. Certified professional should continue to enrich their knowledge and stay updated even after they have passed their exam. Each candidate is enrolled in a recertification course every 12 months for continuous education and professional development. The recertification process is a crucial one because it ensures that the candidate's certification remains valid from year to year. The ACCPA Certification may be invalidated when a candidate fails to re-certify. All certified professionals are expected to go through the recertification process.

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